Tile Panels

The company Blachy Pruszyński presents the richest offer of steel modular coverings on the Polish market. Modular panels and roofing sheets are increasingly popular roofing materials.

The source of success is a number of undoubted advantages, which include:

  • simple and quick assembly
  • reduction of waste to a minimum (even for the most complicated areas)
  • immediate stock availability
  • easy and safe transport (the covers are carefully packed on pallets)
  • original design and assembly masking screws (ARAD Premium roof tile)

Sheet metal products manufactured by Blachy Pruszyński have a 10-15 year warranty, and their lifetime is from 25 years (galvanized sheets) to 40-50 years (multilayer sheets with a polyurethane coating).

The sheet metal company Pruszynski offers the necessary accessories for all metal roofing tiles: screws, rivets and other flashings, sealing tapes, touch-up paints and flat sheets for atypical roofing treatments.


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