Niagara Titanium

Thanks to the newest technologies, we were able to produce new gutter system, which combines advantages of our current gutter system with unique features of new material. Steel gutter system Niagara Tytanium available in our offer is a complete drainage system, perfect for all roof types, and is used for both new and reconstructed buildings, no matter the roofing.


Resistance for climatic conditions


Thanks to the use of titan and aluminum alloy, our gutters  have exceptional durability and resistance, are ideal even for high air contaminated areas, seaside and forests. Steel gets natural cover of Korund – aluminum monoxide which is known as Rubin and Szafir in jeweler as crystalline form. It  protects steel against  corrosion and erosion. The chrome in the alloy makes it more resistant for corrosion and salt effect. 


High resistance for mechanic damages and bending


Steel is covered in semi liquid state in high temperature, polyamide as basis for pigment. Melting of pigment and metal causes extremely high resistance  to repeated bending and scratchings. 
Longevity for 100 years
In contrast to  other materials, aluminium does not change its plasticity for 100 years – does not influence the effects of ageing. Thanks to this aluminium gutters keep their durability for more than 100 years. 
Light material, light in  transport
Gutters made from aluminium are very light, their transport and assembly is very simple.


Large depth

Gutters – just like the NIAGARA system – are capable to collect more rain water without overflowing thanks to large depth. 


Easy assemble


All NIAGARA systems could be assembled with combo hook without the need to disassembly of cover. 
Gutter joint with seal is used to connect gutters with one another and with corners, no other seals are needed. Our contractors repeatedly confirm that NIAGARA gutter are characterized by simplicity and easy assembly.
During the production process, much more less energy is used as aluminium melts in low temperature. Additionally, aluminium could be 100% recycled. 




Niagara TYTANIUM system is produced from TYTANIUM PRUSZYNSKI metal alloy:

aluminium, titanium, molybdenum, manganese, chrome. Gutters are light, resistant to erosion and ageing. As aluminium melts in low temperature, it can create an alloy with titanium, which makes the alloy more resistant. The chrome in the alloy makes it more resistant for corrosion and salt effect. 


System Choice


The main task of the gutter system is to drain rain water from the roof. The size of a gutter and the number of draining points used in a given structure depends on the roof size. 
The gutter system is available in three sizes:
•    125 mm gutter and 90 mm pipe 
•    125mm gutter and 100 mm pipe
•    150 mm gutter and 100 mm pipe


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