Panel with standing seam


Plates on the so-called standing seam is one of the oldest technologies used in construction. Now we can offer a modern solution in the traditional shape of sheet metal with standing hem.

  • Panels are manufactured to any length depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Connecting the panels takes place by means of a latch without the need to bend the seam.
  • Each panel has ready assembly holes to facilitate fastening to the structure.
  • The application of longitudinal profiling on panels is designed to limit the possible undulations of the surface due to the thermal expansion of the material.
  • Machine-cut latches (in option for PD 510P-S, PD 510T-S and PD 510F-S panels, PS 510 NANO *) allow for mounting on the starter strip.

* – panel PD 510 NANO is available only in the version with a notch for mounting on the starter strip.


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