Garden fountains

Each garden is a place of peace and rest for all household members. The best source of garden seclusion are water garden fountains. We can offer you a wide selection of fountain models. Depending on the preferences of our client, we have various designs of fountains made of both wood and stone. In addition, the fountains are equipped with energy-saving LED lights which adds a unique look to our fountain.

All models are made, decorated and painted by hand. The big advantage is the protection of fountains against UV radiation, thanks to which color will not fade over time.

The main advantage is that it does not require assembly! Each fountain does not need permanent access to water. It does not require digging the tank in the ground, it is enough to pour the right amount of water into the tank, and the pump obtained with the fountain is connected to electricity and we can enjoy the sound of water. At any moment, we can change its place, which makes it an ideal solution when we just change our mind about its location.

We offer fountains with heights up to 210 cm.


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