In our offer you have at your disposal ready-made objects or objects created on individual orders tailored to customer requirements. We offer :
– Finnish Dry Sauna, in Sucha Sauna there are 3-4 baths once, lasting up to several minutes, using a similar length of break for equalizing pressure and cooling the warmed up body. Sauna stays have blood circulation improving properties.

– Steam (Roman) sauna is a room usually finished inside with glass mosaic or ceramic tiles, well insulated and isolated against moisture.
In the Steam Bathhouse there is an atmosphere with humidity reaching 100%, but a lower temperature: 40-50 ° C. One entry to the sauna should take about 5-15 minutes, and the total time should not exceed 30 minutes a day, e.g. 2×15 minutes. It makes sense to use the sauna 2-3 times a week

– Saunas with UV lamps in infrared cabins, our body is warmed up from the inside. Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body up to 4cm, stimulating blood circulation, causing intense sweating. At the same time, as much as 80% of energy is converted into heat inside the body, only 20% heats the cabin space, which uniquely increases the efficiency of use.
The temperature in the sauna is 45º-60º C, thanks to which it does not burden the heart and the circulatory system. To achieve the desired effect, stay in it for at least 20 minutes. Even longer screenings are recommended.
-Sauna portable self-supporting structure. It can be placed anywhere – in the garden, on the terrace or large balcony in the block, etc.

The interior of the sauna cabin is finished with luxurious, unheated, exotic wood. We have equipped the cabin with an audio system The system is remotely controlled by one waterproof remote control resistant to higher temperatures. The heart of the sauna is the TYLO model SENSE Combi. The furnace also has a steam generator and a special non-heating outer shell.
On individual order, we can make an outside sauna cabin in almost any shape.

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