Greca PiU
It is a trapezoidal plate with curves of various heights and thicknesses from 8 to 20 mm, with two-chamber or honeycomb cells. GrecaPI is a product created for the construction of skylights in a single application and for a continuous flat roof gutter roof in many applications thanks to the overlapping of ground waters and its lateral overlap. Ideal for skylights and continuous curved roofs with radius of curvature R.3500 and R.6000. Finally, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness.

GP 20-30-40

Corrugated sheets (with a spacing of 1000 mm), made with a thickness of mm. 20 with a honeycomb structure or with a thickness of mm. 30 and 40 with a structure of 6 walls.

GP is a product created for the construction of corrugated skylights, in one application, thanks to the lateral overlapping of the pitch and its aesthetic flatness. Finally, the aesthetic effect that allows a flat view of the plate.

Strengths of the plate:

o Good thermal insulation

o Available flat and curved

o High load resistance

o Hail resistance

o Resistant to UV radiation

The ability to adjust colors to the customer’s needs.

Tecno PiU

Tworzy unikalne rozwiązanie, zrodzone z połączenia falistego arkusza poliwęglanu pęcherzykowego z metalową siatką zapobiegającą upadkowi .

Następnie montowane w celu zaoferowania, większego bezpieczeństwa w montażu świetlików, również znaczne obniża o połowę koszty i pracę.

Ponadto TecnoPI uzyskało raporty i certyfikaty testowe Instytutu CSI zgodnie z normą EN 14963: 2006 i certyfikatem reakcjina ogień Euroclass B s1 d0, wydanym przez CSI (Grupa IMQ).


The reduced panel thickness (2.5 mm) allows for high versatility in overlapping boards, while the chamber structure provides better heat transfer, higher load resistance compared to straight wall products, such as glass fibers or compact polycarbonate boards, also high parameters of hail resistance.

Panel PiU

It is a modular system for pressing, extruded in various thicknesses (16/20/25/40), it is ideally suited for the construction of vertical buffer covers and industrial windows. It has excellent value for money and is a product with high light transmission parameters, its another advantage is good thermal insulation and looks aesthetically pleasing, because it has no connection profiles.

Panel PiU Sufit Podwieszany

Side push system, specially designed for insulating „COVERS”, flat or curved.

System PiU

It is made of polycarbonate chamber sheets with a particularly robust X structure for higher load resistance and better thermal insulation. The U-shaped plate embossing allows you to make a snap-on hook on galvanized / softened steel posts with an open joint, thanks to which the surface is flat.

Revers PiU

Press system with a special press stud, which when applied outside provides excellent water tightness and significantly increases the strength of the board for load and refraction. Its shape allows you to avoid noise when the material expands.


Staves system made of polycarbonate, with a modular profile 250 mm wide and 16 mm thick. In addition, it has a shape that favors natural outflow of water outside the roofed surface. Easy to assemble, because it does not require connections or gaskets and provides excellent aesthetic results thanks to the fastenings that are hidden.

Onda PiU

This is a two-chamber polycarbonate plate, made of homogeneous and unchanging wave pitch according to European standards (177/51 mm).

The advantages of the board are above all excellent protection against UV rays, it also has high resistance to accidental impacts, resistance to adverse weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Coverban PiU

It is the only cover made of aluminum polycarbonate, four-chamber, variable thickness (20 mm at both ends and 30 mm in the middle part) and with a reinforced external wall. It is an innovative product, strong and highly insulating, resistant to accidental impacts, unfavorable weather conditions and changes in temperature and hail.

Carbo PiU

Polycarbonate honeycomb panels with increased external thickness with protection against UV rays. They combine the characteristics of the board with significantly higher insulation of the boards. They are more resistant to accidental impacts, hail, adverse weather conditions.


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