Houses made of logs

In modern buildings, log houses are an extravagant area and are perfect for people thirsty for contact with nature. Not only are they modern, they have an aesthetic appearance, but they are also well-preserved as durable as masonry houses. Our company strives to meet all the expectations of our clients, because the smile and customer satisfaction is the most important for us. We offer you houses made of glued logs and lithium logs.

Glued log – stand out above average durability and fire resistance, but are less susceptible to cracks. Glued wood is used as a modern wooden building. The advantages of building a glued-glued house is that the glued ball is very resistant to overloading, it is very easy to assemble and dry wood is immediately suitable for painting.

Solid log – is characterized by the fact that compared to a glued ball has less resistance to damage. Solid wood is ideally suited as a decorative element, it also provides enough heat and gives the climate.

Caring for the environment is very important to us, that’s why the materials we provide are not insignificant for us, we try to make them as least harmful to the environment, in addition, when building a house, we always try to persuade a potential investor to reach for alternative energy sources to create energy-saving and self-sufficient building.


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